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Do you need to Register a Company? We can do your Company Registration with the CIPC and the Dti of South Africa. This entire process is quick, easy and online. We also do your annual returns and changes to registered companies & close corporations.

Taxrek offers various other services to all our clients , thereby assuring that all their statutory requirements are met individually and as a group.

Annual returns must be submitted to CIPC for all registered companies and close corporations, even if they are dormant and not trading, at the end of the month in which the entity was formally registered.

In this return, the annual turnover must be furnished as per the last signed annual financial statements, as well as all the registered data verified for said entity. If changes need to be made in connection to the registered data then further CoR documents must be furnished to CIPC to legalise these changes made upon the annual return.

Registered entities could run the risk of de-registration if they do not submit their annual returns timeously, which have a myriad of legal implications upon shareholders, directors and members.

Taxrek automatically updates and submits these annual returns after our corporate clients have verified the detail upon the CIPC annual return.

A CIPC submission document is also supplied to our clients once the return has been successfully submitted.

Process for filing annual return:


We will file your Company's Annual Returns using the information you have given us. CIPC will confirm your Company's Annual Return Admin Fee, which we will add to your invoice., unless you are a fixed price client, then the annual return fee will be sent to you separately. Here follows the factors making up the total of your invoice: 

  • Years - The amount of years for which your Annual Returns are due.
  • Turnover - The Company's turnover - if it more than R1 million for the past financial year CIPC's fees starts to increase. 
  • Penalties - CIPC will penalise any late Annual Return filings.
  • Deregistration -  If your company has entered into the Deregistration Process at CIPC. 

Your Invoice will contain two fee types:

  • Annual Return Admin Fee (CIPC's fees)
  • Submission Fee (Our fees)


We will process the Annual Return Submission and you will receive your Annual Return Certificate within 2 working days. Your Annual Return Certificate will be made available on your Customer Portal (we will notify you via email).