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Taxrek furnishes our corporate clients' (employers) structured and detailed employment contracts before employing permanent employees, contract workers, commission earners, wage earners and temporary staff members.

We guide our client through the whole payroll process from legal aspects (employment contracts), to salary restructuring, payslips processing, monthly PAYE returns, 6-monthly PAYE reconciliations and issuing of IRP5 certificates to staff members at the end of the tax year.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act 1997, the Employment Equity Act 1998 and Labour Relations Act 1995 of South Africa strictly guide the labour relations and law between employers and employees in South Africa.

The employment contract is a vital component in this whole process and must be structured properly to protect both the employee and employer and consist of basic conditions of employment, misconduct procedures, salary structure, tasks to be performed for the position of employment, etc.

At Taxrek, we know it is a daunting time for the new employee and employer, as both parties do not know what to expect from each other in the initial stages of employment.

We suggest that there is a "settling" period of 3 to 6 months required before a permanent employment contract is signed.