Registered Accountants & Tax Professionals.

We serve clients in South Africa and internationally

Taxrek issues management reports to all clients who signed up for them or who needs a management statement on an ad hoc basis

The management statements are compiled on a monthly, two-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis, depending on the frequency of interaction with our clients.                             

Management reporting is an extremely important process pertaining to the overall reporting and analysis of a corporate client's business at micro level as the quality and timely processing of a client's transactions makes all the difference. The old saying "junk in, junk out" is so true in this instance and therefore at Taxrek the overall control and quality assurance by a specialist is immeasurable. This reporting method allows us to advise a client continually on the way forward and restructure the business to be financially- and tax efficient.                             

A registered accountant verifies the management reports before it is uploaded onto the web-based ERP for the client's review, download and comments.