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We serve clients in South Africa and internationally

Payslips are generated weekly-, fortnightly- or monthly, depending on the staff members' terms of employment.

Taxrek, who administers the payroll process directly, will upload the payslips to the ERP system of the employer for electronic distribution to his/her employees. 

As from beginning of 2017 tax year (01 March 2016 onwards), there would be an opportunity for our corporate clients to allow Taxrek to also make payment to their staff members.

This additional service can either be done by granting our payroll administrator limited access via our client's bank account, whereby payments would be loaded and only paid after our client approves payment via their internet banking account.

Another option would be to transfer the required funds into a Sage Pay account (, which is a virtual account in the name of the client, whereby our payroll administrator would process payments directly from said account to your staff members at specific payment dates after our company has processed the payslips.

To ensure that the employees of our corporate clients receive the full benefits that are afforded to them by law, the remuneration structure is overseen by our income tax specialists.

 At Taxrek, we believe that employees are assets to a company and not financial liabilities and must be treasured and looked after.

The first step in this trusted relationship is how the employer deals with their remuneration payments and structure.

The payslips are preloaded on the online web-based ERP for our corporate clients review and download.